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Please view the Agenda View for a full listing of the Title of the Event. Especially regarding Candidate Instruction and Rehearsals (sometimes they are not held)

* <fc #060D5E>Color for May Flower Lodge Events (Calendar Maintained by May Flower Lodge)</fc>
* <fc #8B4513>Color for DeMolay Events (Calendar Maintained by Middleboro DeMolay)</fc>
* <fc #17b217>Color for 16th District Events</fc>

Have events to post to the Calendar of Masonic value, please e-mail us at the address below (footer of the website) for access to the Google Calendar™.

We can also link your Google Calendar with a different color.

All events reserving the Masonic Apartments or grounds require prior approval from May Flower Lodge Temple Trust before posting to the Calendar or this website.

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